Monthly Archives: September 2011

After the tour I thought it necessary to reflect on what the spirit of the ride means to me. The spirit of the ride touches on all of our core values, but for me Fulfillment, Team, and Fun shone through … Continue reading


This is the post where I am probably supposed to tell you all how wonderful it was to ride in Tour DaVita. I should probably say how inspired I was to see the monumental effort and relentless spirit of my fellow riders slogging … Continue reading


Thanks Mark Twain, but we waited all day! The showers were relentless, all the way until almost 4 pm. Nasty day to ride – the mugginess, water inside our socks and cleats AND the hills that ‘ascended upon’ us after … Continue reading


Day 3 started with rain and rain and rain….well you get it.  I started out thinking I would do a couple miles and head for the van for a ride to the last segment to cross the finish line on … Continue reading


Today started out wet and cold but not has cold as the last two days.  I started out the ride and was going at a good I pace.  I was cold and wet and miserable.  I could feel the water … Continue reading


But a glorious day nonetheless! I purposefully slept in a bit, and moved slow in the AM so I could find a crew a little slower than yesterday. The entire Staffieri family must be direct descendants of past Tour da … Continue reading


Today was the last day of Tour DaVita, which offered two options: A metric century (100 kilometers, which is 62 miles) or a full century – 100 miles. I figured I’m here to ride for all those who can’t, so … Continue reading


Today was another picture perfect day on Tour DaVita. And by perfect I mean PERFECT. The route selected by the powers that be included a soul-crushing hill first thing in the morning and then a blissful downhill day for the … Continue reading


Ok well the day starts off with a really big hill that led to another hill and yet another hill, etc., so after a short time I waited for the Backroads van and took a ride to the first rest … Continue reading


We just had a wonderful dinner and a great program.  I getting ready to go to bed but wanted to tell a story that I left out of my previous blog.  I rode to lunch then took the shuttle to … Continue reading