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So you have committed to riding this year.  And for most of you, you have committed to doing all 250+ miles right?  Well there is no doubt you can do it!  I myself am no Lance Armstrong…just a girl who … Continue reading


A couple years ago I did a race with a lot of the top pro tri-athletes in the world. The fact that I was a couple hours behind them and didn’t really know any of them is beside the point. Anyway, … Continue reading


As some of you know, I’ve been in Iowa, which is known as the American Heartland, for the past couple days checking out the towns where Tour DaVita 2012 (TDV12) will pass through. I had the joy of meeting with … Continue reading


Pushing yourself towards anything outside of your comfort zone can intimidate even the bravest of souls, so it’s no surprise that setting forth to bike over 250 miles in 3 days could make anyone want to retreat to their nice … Continue reading


Fellow riders, My name is Mason Wimberley and I have the pleasure of working with the wonderful folks on the Insurance Management Team. I’ve been asked to share a couple of riding tips from my 12 years as a pro … Continue reading


When I signed up for Tour DaVita in the summer of 2011, I had no idea what I was in for.  I simply knew that the funds that we raised for this event would be extremely valuable for those who … Continue reading


I just went on a quick 20 mile bike ride during lunch and thought about posting my second blog, about mechanics.  Mechanics are important in all aspects of riding a bike.  From the height of the seat, to the angle … Continue reading


Matthew Purvis here with a quick note to first-time riders for this year’s Tour DaVita! First, you think you’re excited??? Hahaha – wait until you experience it for the first time, realize what it’s really all about and then have … Continue reading


First time riders, I am honored to have been asked to send tips to you on what to expect as a first time rider leading up to the Tour. You already made the commitment, and that public declaration is the … Continue reading


Hello Riders! Tour DaVita 2012 is quickly approaching.  With just over ten weeks to go until we meet in Iowa, we hope that your training is off to a good start.  Whether your goal is to ride to lunch every … Continue reading