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No, it isn’t just a song that Kip sang to LaFawnda during their wedding while Napoleon was riding up on his white horse (Great song if you haven’t heard it). Actually technology can help keep you on Tour DaVita course.  … Continue reading


I’ve heard a couple riders mention a concern of falling while on their bikes. All falls that I have seen can fit into one of the following categories. Pay attention to these tips and your likelihood to remain vertical will … Continue reading


Are you getting excited?  Only a couple of weeks now.  You may be feeling anxious, happy and maybe like me, unprepared!  My life keeps me so busy that I have found little time in the saddle this year.  Don’t get … Continue reading


A couple years back I did a bike ride with some nice folks from Iowa.  We talked about a lot of things during the trip but they (my friend Tom in particular) were always able to steer the conversation back … Continue reading


Last year was my 1st Tour. When I got my bike and started riding I never could get used to the bike seat that came with my bike and I used it for several months. I decided to do a … Continue reading


A good nutrition plan is key to success before, during, and after a long distance event such as the Tour.  I once had a coach who helped me get ready for a big triathlon.  Here is the advice he gave: … Continue reading


So it is becoming more real right?  You have gotten all your donations, you have been training hard, you’ve purchased your airline ticket, faxed in your release and are starting to pack.  If this is your first time you may … Continue reading


Chief Warrant Officer John Pace from Ft. Campbell, KY is probably the toughest, fittest guy I know.  He has accomplished many things during his 20 years in the Special Forces.  One of them was competing in the Best Ranger Competition.  … Continue reading


Hello Tour DaVita riders my name is Cathy McCreadie, out of Team Music City, and this year will be my 6th tour experience. There are two reasons I ride, which have become very personal, and in fact have been life … Continue reading