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I posted in my previous blog that I ride for several reasons, to bring awareness to chronic kidney disease, honoring current patients, preventing future patients through education and testing, and providing life saving treatment to those who may not have … Continue reading


This morning when I got to the clinic for work, I saw all my favorite smiling faces from both my patients and teammates. I was able to share with them all the great stories about the Tour: my challenges, the … Continue reading


Just got back to the office today after a wonderful, fulfilling, Tour DaVita experience. My office door had been decorated with giant letters reading “Congratulations, You Did It!”, along with a picture of me from the finish line of the … Continue reading


Many say that Iowa is flat.  It is actually a constant, pertual hill…which always seems to be going up.  On day 3, 80 or so miles into my century and tackling my billonth hill climb in the day, I had … Continue reading


When I registered for Tour DaVita in the spring, I hadn’t been on a bicycle since I was about 14.  Priority #1 – Buy a bike!  After finding a bike, we planned a group ride.  My first time on a … Continue reading


Things I Learned From Tour DaVita: -Whether it’s 15 miles or 48.5, I’m exhausted & my body aches. It’s all mind over matter. If you think you can’t, you won’t. If you think you can, your possibilities are endless. -I … Continue reading


Hi Folks, I am posting my last blog from the comfort of home, though I do miss our moving village a bit 🙂 I had an amazing time on our last day of riding.  It did seem like the toughest … Continue reading


When I first starting thinking about riding in Tour DaVita in April, I knew it would be the most difficult thing I’ve attempted in a long time. I was absolutely right, especially since I did not take the time to … Continue reading


Ok, so Miss Jenny & I got up this morning & could see our breath. Inside our tent. Yup, it was cold today! We started out the day in several layers of clothing, which we peeled off layer by layer … Continue reading


Well, it’s finally over (at least the riding) and what an experience it has been. Today was the toughest of all. It was very cold this am when we got up. There was ice on our tent so that tells … Continue reading