Monthly Archives: August 2013

Tour DaVita 2013 is just a couple weeks away and we have a special announcement to share! Riding among your fellow teammates, sponsors, friends and family you will find a special group of people who have been touched by kidney … Continue reading


Click here to view the first post in this series. Jeff likes to ride out in the country. He gets bored sometimes so he likes to listen to his favorite Bruce Springsteen album with his headphones. He gets so happy … Continue reading


Hello…I would like to invite you on my journey to a healthy lifestyle, which has led to my first Tour DaVita.  To tell you my story I need to take you back in time…It was August of 2009, turning 39 … Continue reading


I have a friend named Jeff. He is a ROD and he used to fly helicopters. He likes to sing songs about red cups and a place named DaVitaville. He also likes to ride bikes. It looks like he might … Continue reading


Editor’s note: DaVita Rx has 21 Tour DaVita riders this year – way to go, Rx! The team has been hosting various types of fundraisers, but perhaps the most “Fun” one was a “Dunkfest” where every $5 gave you a … Continue reading