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So after another night of marginal sleep I was feeling a bit rough. We had huge amount of smoke from fires that rolled through where we were riding yesterday and then overnight. This resulted in all of us waking up with … Continue reading


This experience has been way more than I ever could have expected.  Those who have done Tour DaVita talk about “The Spirit of the Ride” and unless you are here, you can never truly understand what that means.  Day 1 for … Continue reading


One mile at a time. That’s how the mentality sets up after the first 20 miles, after the cold wind dies down, after the morning caffeine wears off. It’s amazing was we all are capable of if we just set … Continue reading


So last night I failed to get a good nights rest again.. I was hot, then I was cold, repeat.. So I was up and at em EARLY EARLY.. Today we had to pack up our campsite (all of our … Continue reading


Completed the century ride today with Joe and Tanya!! We had a great time!!  This year’s TDV has definitely been a challenge physically due to spending the last month in Saudi Arabia!!!! The DVT/Bridge of Life Medical Mission cause is … Continue reading


k so today I did my first hundred miles ever, never have I done I have had so much fun specially today just being out there peddling my butt off talked to different people and I also got in a … Continue reading


What a Great ride today was! Today riders had the opportunity to choose to ride either 71 miles or a century 100 miles. Riders could start at their own pace and time(once the sun came up :)) The scenery was … Continue reading


Today was a long hard day out in the sun of Oregon. As a Domestique I stayed towards the rear and within shouting distance of my tent-mate. We managed to get to the lunch stop before they stopped serving and … Continue reading


This is my 2nd Tour Davita and this year means something different than last year….. I am riding of course because my experience last year was one of the best of my life, but my friend became very ill last … Continue reading


I am riding for my friend Steve who passed in April from Kidney Cancer. I am a Breast Cancer Survivor. Was so excited to cross the finish line for him. It was also awesome to have my Aunt Mary and … Continue reading