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I recently put a call out on the Tour DaVita Facebook page asking for individuals who might be interested in writing a blog post for fellow riders leading up to the big ride in September. One gal, Chelsea, reached out to me with a super sweet note. She’s not a DaVita or HealthCare Partners teammate, but she wanted to share a special note with riders to inspire you to train hard and embrace the Spirit of the Ride. Enjoy! -Ginger

Chelsea and MattMany of you know him as the first dialysis patient to ride in the Tour DaVita, however I know him as the most loving, caring, and amazing man I’ve ever met. My name is Chelsea Bridges and my boyfriend Matthew Purvis is my rock and my best friend. This is the very first time I’ve ever been around any type of kidney dialysis and let me tell you, it can be quite a struggle being in love with somebody who goes through this daily. From him not feeling good or some dietary restrictions, I know that it’s never a dull moment with him, but as Matt says, “That’s just part of it!”

He not only does dialysis every night but he also rides his bike about every other day for at least 2 hours at a time. I get to see first-hand how seriously he takes his health and the Tour DaVita. I think the Tour in a lot of ways has given him a sense of accomplishment and hope knowing how much he inspires others to ride. Even when he isn’t feeling good, or if he has a million things on his mind, it seems like “DaVita” is every other word out of his mouth!

Just spending every day with “Matty” as I call him, shows me that no matter how bad things get or how much people doubt you, don’t ever give up on what you love. He drives me to be a better woman every day and always encourages me to do right by God, whether it’s in how we are raising my daughter or what we decide to have for dinner that night. For him to have gone through everything he has, and be the strong man I know him as today totally amazes me. I am currently a nursing student and being around a dialysis patient and truly seeing what everyday is like for them has inspired me to go into that field come graduation. I know he is on his way to doing amazing things and I would love to personally thank him and DaVita for being amazing people and inspiring others who need it most!

Sending happy thoughts and prayers to all who ride this year,

Chelsea Bridges


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  1. LeVar Battle says:

    Chelsea, thanks for the well wishes and for sharing this note. I had the pleasure of meeting Matthew last year, and I must say, he is definitely an inspiration. I love seeing that his light shines in all areas of his life and on those around him. Thank you both for being members/supporters of the DaVita family.

    Ride on!

  2. Jeremy Forbes says:

    Chelsea – Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Matt and his love for Tour DaVita. He is a great guy who has embraced the Spirit of the Ride with an enormous amount of vigor and a broad smile. He is great to ride with and a fun conversationalist. I look forward to seeing him again this year and thank you for supporting him in his journey. Your kind words encapsulate the true Spirit of the Ride!

    • Chelsea Bridges says:

      No need to thank me at all! Matty is MY inspiration in every aspect of my life. We have so much fun together and I couldn’t imagine my life with any other man. He talks very highly of y’all and the whole company. Everybody take good care of him in Oregon because I’m going to miss him so much!

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