Brrrrrrrrr. No really, BRRRRRRRRRRRR!

It’s the first morning of the tour and I could see my breath in the tent that I share with my tentmate Tammy. It’s going to be a gorgeous day here in Norman Rockwell land as soon as the sun comes out and burns away the frost from my nose.

Just had breakfast with Mark, who will be riding along with us this year. He is an absolute sweetheart and introduced himself to our table as the “other patient”. So, Mark along with Matthew from last year’s tour will be pedaling along with us today as we embark on the 5th Tour DaVita. He dialyzed last night and says that cycling (along with his docs and care team) are what is keeping him alive. He rides to and from his dialysis treatments in Ohio and has been doing 35 miles training rides to prepare for this big ride here in New England. Impressive. Especially since the most I did to prepare was a measly 28 miler, and that was just once.

Mark and Matthew are the faces I will keep in my mind as I creep up those monster hills they have been warning us about. Their strength, humor and undeniable spirit will keep me warm on this chilly morning as I get ready to begin my second ride of a lifetime.

-the Brooklyn Biker

About Amy Barrow

I am a Physician Resource Territory Manager for DaVita SOURCE. My territory is all of Team Avanti and Trailblazers. That big old title means that I help educate graduating nephrology fellows on the business of nephrology and assist our DaVita Medical Directors with the recruitment of new physician associates. This is my third Tour and I will be riding again with the DaVita SOURCE/NPS team "KICKING ASPHALT". I live in Massachusetts with my husband Scott and baby boy Emmett.

5 Responses to Bike-cicle

  1. bart says:

    Go Bike-cicle! Go Mark! Go Matthew! Ride like the wind . . . or at least WITH the wind!

  2. carissa says:

    Sounds like quite a trip, I hope you and Tammy have a great time as tentmates and enjoy those funny ladies! I can attest to that funny bike contraption set up in your apartment with a view of the NYC skyline, biking away indoors when you can’t get out!

  3. carissa says:

    And now the Queen song is in my head, only with Bike-cicle as the word!

  4. harriet barrow says:

    Bravo! Before you know it, you will have done the final day of over 100 miles and lived to feel very good about it. Best of luck and love in the last laps.

  5. Stafford says:

    yeah Amy….so cool. I mean come on, I am posting on a blog for f sake. That’s how cool I think this is.

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