Camaraderie in Action

According to Cathy Bready, Tour DaVita is the amazing equalizer. Each and every rider – no matter how fast or how far they manage to ride – feels sore, tired and hungry at the end of each day on the trail. Although these elements provide a challenge, they also foster a sense of supportiveness and camaraderie throughout the entire group of riders.

Cathy is a bubbly teammate currently gearing up for her seventh Tour DaVita ride! Her story of solidarity is a glowing illustration of the spirit of the ride. During a ride a few years ago, she started out with a personal goal: to finish all three days of the tour. This was a feat she hadn’t completed before, and she was determined to make it happen this year. She fought for her goal despite all the soreness from sitting on a bike seat for hours on end and through hunger and exhaustion. “First-time riders might expect their legs to get sore from pedaling,” she noted, “but really it’s the sitting that gets the most painful. Bring padded shorts!”

On the last day of the ride, Cathy was the very last person to approach the finish line after successfully completing all three days of the 206-mile ride. Although her excitement to be accomplishing her goal provided some comfort, she couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed as she pedaled in on the now-dark trail. By the time she approached the finish line, she was bummed to think of all of her new friends enjoying their celebration dinner without her, comfortably showered and fed. She expected an empty finish line and a solo walk back to the camp.

To Cathy’s surprise, as she turned the bend for the final stretch, cheers and excitement from half of the DaVita Rx team greeted her! “At that point,” she said, “everything stopped hurting.” She realized that the team had waited through dinner for her and had made the team effort to stay gathered around to congratulate her. It meant the world to Cathy to see the spirit of the ride in action. “Everyone is so encouraging,” she said. “The goal is always to do the best you can.”

This experience is what truly drove DaVita values home for Cathy, but she sees camaraderie in action each year. The sense of community and adventure keep her coming back. “It’s a feel-good thing!” she said, encouraging anyone considering trying out the Tour to go for it.


2 Responses to Camaraderie in Action

  1. Rachel Adams says:

    We love you Cathy!! Best of luck out there!

  2. Bob Parkhurst says:

    Your awesome girl. I Miss you.

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