Day 2 Tour Davita

Well all I can say is it’s another day in the books. I was able to complete the entire ride today. This was the most challenging day yet. The weather was not friendly today. This girl just about gave up but then as I was riding I reflected why I did this to begin with. I started to imagine each patient that I care for everyday. I thought of all their little quirks, the special way that they touch my life each day. I thought about the 2 patients in particular that have been following my training and cheering me on. They were so thankful to know that someone cared enough to ride for each of them. We won’t mention the couple of patient’s who laughed as I told them about the ride and they said “Don’t fall.” Well so far I haven’t done that. Hopefully I won’t!!!! I ride because I love my patients.

A little about the day. It started with a clinic visit to the DaVita in Independence. We were greeted and cheered in by the Iowa college band who was rocking it. Then we heard from KT the Mayor and a patient. I then had the chance to go through the unit and speak to each of the patients at that center all of whom I had never met before today. I was able to bring a smile to each of their faces as they got to hear the Texas girl talk. That made it all worth it.  Then we headed out for the real torture to begin. Let me say that the Hoover wind tunnel vacuum could have been invented here. I really don’t know where this wind comes from. As soon as you think it will be at your back and you turn the corner it then hits from another direction. Then you add the monster hill OMG!!!!!! Not to mention just as you are approaching this big hill it begins to rain. How wonderful that was. Did I mention that the temperature outside dropped 20 degrees to? Wow. I had pulled off clothes early then was ready to put them back on. Well I made it to the lunch. See Tour DaVita fooled us on that one. They put a sign out that said almost there. You keep pedaling thinking “yes, I am about to get food.” I guess they did that so you keep riding because it must have been another 2 miles of uphill climb. They failed to post that sign. Overall it was great. I met some great people today but the majority of the ride was alone. Unfortunately I was not fast enough to ride with fast riders nor could I hang back with slow riders so I just kept pedaling.

The highlight of the day and the true spirit of the ride was my last 1/4 mile. I don’t know the names of the 4 men that rode up on me but I rode to the finish line with them. As I turned the corner we were all talking. I told them that this was my first Tour DaVita. They told me I was doing great (although I was not feeling great at this point). As we rounded the corner to the finish line one of them looked at the other 3 and said “hang back, let her finish first she deserves that.” How awesome that was for them to do that. So thank you to the 4 guys. Sorry I didn’t catch your names in the last few minutes. I crossed the finish line with lots of high fives. It was definitely a great accomplishment and great way to end my ride today.  Other than a brief stop at the EMT station for a couple ice bags to pack down the sore knees I will ride on tomorrow. My goal is to finish the 100 mile ride tomorrow no matter what it takes. I will dig deep. Til tomorrow stay safe out there and RIDE ON.


7 Responses to Day 2 Tour Davita

  1. Pauline says:

    So proud of you Kim. Keep up the hard work and effort. I am proud of the 4 men that did that for you today…that was so cool.

  2. Angie weldon says:

    We are cheering for you in Corpus Christi! You are doing great!

  3. Jenny says:

    Well Girlie, you always set out to do wonderful things and you always conquer all that you set your mind to! Hope to see you tomorrow night, though you maybe too tired. Lemme know, you can always text me and ill see it when i get off. Have a wonderful rest my dear.

  4. Kristi says:

    Hang in there, Kim. I know you can do this!

  5. Elaine says:

    Yeah Kim!! Cheering you on from East Texas!!

  6. Amy says:

    You are soooo strong and we believe in you! Keep that wind to your back and RIDE ON!!!

  7. Amber says:

    You go girl! Such an inspiration to TMs and our patients!

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