I couldn’t feel more excited!!!!

So despite a really rough night (sleepwise), this morning we were up far before sunrise.. Knocked off all of our to do list and got fueled up with breakfast.. Got in line to start with Jeff HenryIMG_9147).. got on the road and faced some unbelievable hills.. I had high hopes that I could stay towards the front of the pack but as Joe, Jeff, Art, JD and who knows how many other Rx’ers passed me I gave up on that… Finally made it to this amazing site!!!! Completely renewed!!!

pano Arrived to the 1st rest stop to realize EUREKA!!!!! Most amazing rest stops ever!!! Peanut m&m’s, dried fruits, chomps..  Mmmmmmm.. Took off from there and buckled in to ride to the 2nd rest stop.. Encountered more ridiculous hills.. Actually stepped off my bike to walk the bike 2/3 of the way up one major hill. 🙁 I am not proud of it but I am honest. Stopped at the 2nd stop and caught up with lots of Rxers.. Ended up spending a lot of the next segment with KK which was really nice.. What a powerhouse!!!!! Pulled in to the lunch stop and had the most amazing time!!!! Got some Rxers to recreate a yoga pose displayed on screen from night 1..  Was epicly funny.. I almost cried!!!! Then from lunch I had some mechanical issues including the chain completely coming off.. Booooo!!! Rode with Jeff Henry for the next TOO MANY miles and then pulled into the last rest stop together and joined up with many Rxers.. Everyone seemed to be hanging tough so we RODE ON!!! I fell back a bit as my stamina was falling.. Pulled into the finish line just slightly after 3 with Woody in tow (entertaining my 2 year old by going on a trip with Woody and taking pics the whole way with Woody.


Made it in time to go get cleaned up and then spend the next couple of hours at the finish line cheering in many of the remaining teammates. It felt so great as I came across the finish line and there were so many teammates there screaming and cheering and ringing bells as I rolled in so I wanted to be sure to do the same for many other teammates. Especially exciting were the Rxers that crossed as we were there. 🙂 Got a great pic of Kevin, Jeff and I plus my hand. 🙁


Had delicious appetizers and a yummy dinner and a really emotional program.. I cried.. Every mile I ride impacts 33 patients!! Medical missions, kidney function testing etc… We heard from many people that DaVita has impacted. I love this company and I am so proud to be a part of something so amazing!!! I wish everyone could experience this!!!! Got a fun pic in our Rx antenna at the program. 🙂


After practicing our amazing green team cheer, I am exhausted and ready for bed.. We have an early morning tomorrow as we are heading out on our century ride. Please pray for us!!! Thanks for reading! Make it a great day!! 🙂


5 Responses to I couldn’t feel more excited!!!!

  1. Robby Abraham says:

    Praying for a great century ride! Thanks for sharing…

  2. becky Christoff says:

    Hi Rachel: So proud of you as Scout and I saw you train both with and without your son in tow! Please keep the blog up as I loved reading about your trek. It was great to see you & Woody. Thanks for riding for our patients.

  3. May says:

    Go, Rachel, Go!!!

  4. Amanda Chandler says:

    You are ALL an inspiration! Congratulations on your accomplishments so far. I know you will finish strong. You are motivated, self-disciplined, and we are all cheering you on!

  5. Paulette Wells says:

    Way to go Rachel! You and Woody are doing great. I have kept you and all of the riders in my prayers. See ya soon!

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