Iowhat? 8 things I learned about the American Heartland

As some of you know, I’ve been in Iowa, which is known as the American Heartland, for the past couple days checking out the towns where Tour DaVita 2012 (TDV12) will pass through. I had the joy of meeting with the local media in these towns and visiting the campgrounds. And let me tell you, y’all are going to love them!

I also learned a thing or two while I was in Iowa. I now have the pleasure of introducing the eight things I now know about Iowa that I didn’t know before.

1. Iowa is the only U.S. state whose borders are formed by rivers to the East (Mississippi River) and West (Big Sioux River.)

2. Wilder Park, which is the kick off point of TDV12 in Allison, IA, had only two trees when it was purchased 20 years ago. Since then nearly 18,000 trees have been planted on its 78 acres.

3. It can get pretty hot. See exhibit A .

4. Iowa is big on the wrestling scene, and I don’t mean WWE. In fact, Iowa City hosted the U.S. Olympic wrestling trials this year. (Go Team USA!)

5. There is a Denver, Iowa whose claim to fame is the “Mile WIDE City.” Clever.

6. Independence, Iowa, which is the second stop on TDV12 is the home to Big Bud 747, the “world’s largest tractor.”

7. It’s pronounced Montisello, not Montichello.

8. Iowa holds its own annual bike ride, called RAGBRAI (The Register’s Annual Bicycle Ride Across Iowa.) Riders travel from the western part of the state to the Mississippi River and dip their tires in the water when they get there. It caps off at 10,000 registrants but rogue cyclists bring the total to around 16,000. The 2012 ride is wrapping up this week; this year marks its 40th anniversary. Can you imagine the 40th year of Tour DaVita!?

I had an amazing time in Iowa and can’t wait until TDV12; I hope these fun facts have you all excited to visit the American Heartland as well.

Till next time, ride on!

I'm really looking forward to using my dressing up and riding skills at this year's Tour! Here's a sampling of what's in store.



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Bianca Anderson is a member of Team Mercury, based in Denver. She has attended Tour DaVita in the past as and this year will be supporting Tour DaVita from afar.

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    The State of Iowa is border on the West with the Missouri River not the Big Sioux River!! Welcome to IOWA all you DaVita riders.

  2. Bianca says:

    Whoops, the Big Sioux is only a tributary to the Missouri River. My mistake, please forgive me 🙂

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