Prior to Tour DaVita 2018

Good evening and thank you for your time reading this blog post. My name is Rachel Adams and I am a pharmacist for the last eight years with DaVita Rx in Texas and this is my fourth and final Tour DaVita since DaVita Rx is being acquired by Walgreens and our Texas office is closing. 

In the months leading up to Tour DaVita 2018, I have spent countless hours in the seat riding and preparing for Tour. In that respect, I feel that I am ready for Tour. On the other hand, I REALLY WISH that in the days we experienced rain, that I had chosen to ride in that rain.

In the 24 hours prior to leaving for tour, life changed drastically for me and so many others. Several hundred people from my work were let go as we were already planning for with our scheduled acquisition and life seemed to screech to a halt with the transition of so many individuals that I cared so much about. 

All of that being said, I arrived to camp via seamless travels with no major delays or cancellations as opposed to what my fellow Rx riders went through and Ryo and I made it to Richmond easily. I sent little Ryo off with my mom and brother and headed to beautiful camp and settled in.

This year, more than any other years, I plan to ride for all of my teammates that wish more than ever for the opportunity to continue to serving our patients. I can speak for myself and possibly others when I say that kidney patients hold a very significant piece of my heart. When I think about them, I have such a different perspective than I do for any other patients and I care so differently. As I ride each mile that god blesses me with, I will concentrate on our patients and my teammates that care so much for these patients. 

I am excited to touch base tomorrow after riding day 1. I pray that I will be able to cross the finish line on my bicycle and make my family and coworkers proud. Thanks again for your time and RIDE ON!!


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  1. Jeff Henry says:

    Thanks Rachel for sharing the story of so many Davita Rx teammates and thank you for riding Tour Davita one last time! I hope you have 2 great days of riding ahead?‍♂️?‍♂️

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