Smarter than Jeff – Part 3

Jeff is a really strong guy. He likes to show people how strong he is by lifting small cars and riding his bike up big hills. Below is a picture of Jeff’s bike during a recent hill climb (well, not actually, this one is a lot nicer than his). Today Jeff had to walk up the hill, can you tell me why?

Jeff on the road 03

Answer: While Jeff is really strong, he didn’t use all the tools his bike contains. A look at his chain and we can see that it is on the big ring in the front and the small ring in the back. This is the best combination for going fast.

Next time Jeff gets the opportunity to climb, he should switch gears (right before hitting the hill) so that he is in one of the smaller rings in the front (depending on how steep the hill is) and one of the bigger rings in the back.

About Mason Wimberley

Mason is a part of the Insurance Management Team (IMT) and works from Team Music City in Nashville, Tenn. This will be Mason's second Tour DaVita.

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