Smarter than Jeff – the Final Chapter

Jeff and I have been riding together for a long time, so sometimes we draft off of each other. This can be very efficient and dangerous at the same time. This is my view when I ride behind Jeff.

Jeff on the road 0401

I can’t see much of anything around him so I count on him to point out any road hazards. Unfortunately, Jeff didn’t point these items out on our recent ride. So I fell down.

Jeff on the road 0402Jeff on the road 0403Jeff on the road 0404

Joking aside, remember to be smarter than Jeff. If you are riding in a group, it is your responsibility to point out obstacles in the road. This includes piles of gravel, large cracks in the road, any type of debris (e.g. pictured above) or anything else that can be a hazard to other riders. Simply point to the hazard and let others know where it is!

About Mason Wimberley

Mason is a part of the Insurance Management Team (IMT) and works from Team Music City in Nashville, Tenn. This will be Mason's second Tour DaVita.

One Response to Smarter than Jeff – the Final Chapter

  1. Jeremy says:

    I rode with Jeff some last year and he also let merin into a toilet. J/K, thanks for the practical tips and reminders.

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