The Hook

By Your Bicycle

Hey! Great to see you. How was your day at work? Wait. Stop. Come back. Please. I’ve been hanging upside down on this hook for like 7 years in the garage. Please just take me out for a little ride. You can do it. No, please don’t slam the door again. Yeah, I don’t like you either.

You’re back! Oh, you just came outside for a drink from the outside fridge. I’m really sorry about what I said earlier. I’m just a little emotional and I didn’t mean it. I know we’ll both feel better if you take me out for a little ride. And we have to get ready for Tour DaVita which starts in less than two months.

Is this what your bike says to you every day? Maybe it isn’t on a hook. Maybe it’s in the garage or in the basement. Or maybe it is your neighbor’s bike that you could ride if you don’t have one. Wherever your bike is sitting, the time has come to get it out and ride! The Tour starts in less than two months. It’s time to “start our engines!!!”

About Mason Wimberley

Mason is a part of the Insurance Management Team (IMT) and works from Team Music City in Nashville, Tenn. This will be Mason's second Tour DaVita.

2 Responses to The Hook

  1. Tracy Fisher says:

    Cute Mason. Way to get us all motivated! 🙂

  2. Tony Gariepy says:

    I’m going, slowly, hoping the bruises heal! Mine is staring at me from across the bedroom. Looking forward to my second Tour!

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