The Tour Has Started

Well, it’s finally here. Tour Davita 2017. I’ve been obsessing about this and training for this since October of last year. What are my impressions now that I’m here? In a word…COLD! In another word…WET! And finally…FANTASTIC!

Seattle has been cold and rainy, especially for a desert rat from Phoenix. but the experience has far outweighed the weather. The people I’ve met have been amazing and supportive. The scenery is postcard perfect.

Day 1 I was able to ride until lunch, 38 miles, and then had to catch a shuttle to dialysis. The staff opened up on a Sunday. Thanks to Davita Mill Creek in Bothell and Jamey, Denise and Daisy for coming in an off day and making the experience as good as it could be.

Day 2 started cold and foggy. Of course, why wouldn’t it? Five miles into the ride I was rethinking my decision to be here. My gloves were iced over, my face was freezing, I was wearing four layers of shirts and a stocking cap under my helmet. But I pushed on to the first rest stop. And then the sun came out and I thought, okay, go for one more rest stop. And then one more and then one more.

And suddenly I only had 12 miles left to ride to make it to 73 miles, the metric 100. Dozens of people encouraged me on the way. Special thanks to Keli the Great and Melissa, who were kind enough to ride with me throughout the day and encourage me to finish. I was slow, my body was cranky, and I had my doubts, but I made it.

I look forward to tomorrow’s ride and next years as well.


2 Responses to The Tour Has Started

  1. Amanda says:

    Incredible! You are an inspiration!

  2. Ranette says:

    Incredible accomplishment!

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