Training Tips and 10-Week Training Plans for Tour DaVita

Hello Riders,

With just under ten weeks until the big ride in Oregon, Tour DaVita 2014 will be here before you know it! We hope that everyone’s training is going great but remember to pace yourself. Setting goals will help you achieve what you want to get out of Tour, whether it is riding just to lunch each day, riding every mile or even riding the whole thing.

Training, hard work and dedication will be the keys to success to get you where you need to be. So it is time to put the “pedal to the medal” and really start working on a training plan that will best suit your needs. It’s important to spread it out over several weeks, increasing mileage gradually each week to help avoid injury, burnout and fatigue. I’ve included sample 10-week training plans later in this post for your reference.

For training there are a few things to keep in mind so that you show up to Tour DaVita ready to offer your best.

Drink a lot of fluids: It is important to stay well-hydrated. Drinking enough fluids throughout your ride is important to ensure your body is getting enough liquids to cover your exertion and fluids being lost through sweat. Whether it is a sports drink or just water, have something to make sure you stay hydrated.

Eat snacks: Snacking on long rides helps keep your body fueled and full of energy; just make sure to choose high-energy foods to keep you going. If you don’t keep up the energy intake, your body will begin to shut down because blood sugar levels will get too low.

Pacing: It’s not a sprint, it is a very long distance so keep a realistic pace that makes sense for you, there will be sure to be riders of every level and will most assuredly be someone on the same pace as you. Ride steady and take breaks as you go. Try not to pedal in high gear for long periods of time because it can increase the pressure on your knees and potentially lead to injury. Shifting to lower gears and faster revolutions will get you more exercise with less strain on your knees. With most cyclists, 60 to 80 revolutions per minute (rpm) is the best cadence to keep, with more experienced bikers ranging from 80 to 100 rpm.

Enjoy the experience: It’s important to remember to have fun and enjoy the ride.


Other than spending time on a bike, cross-training is important to help you build endurance. Cross-training means using other activities and exercise to enhance aspects of your physiology that are not worked out when you bike. This helps increase endurance, mixes up your routine, helps with injury prevention, burning calories and the rejuvenation from taking part in something new. As a cyclist, consider taking part in some of the following cross-training activities.

Running is a lower body exercise that works many of the same muscle groups as cycling and is a great enhancement to existing leg strength. Running also helps to develop to some degree the upper-body muscle groups such as the upper back, upper arm and should muscles.

Swimming is a great overall workout and in cross-training, helps cardiovascular fitness develop. It’s a good way to help strengthen the body’s ability to process oxygen through the lungs and move blood to muscles to give them fuel and air by making the heart pump stronger.

Elliptical trainer works the same muscle groups as biking through similar motions and requires cardio-vascular exertion.

Weightlifting can be beneficial to you on your bike, making you stronger and faster. Some of the more effective exercises include the leg press, calf raises, hamstring curls, leg extensions and squats.


Below are some charts that give outlines for beginner, intermediate and advanced training plans. All of them are 10-week plans and give you enough time to begin now. Be sure to plan out the weeks so that the last week occurs the week of Tour DaVita. This will ensure that your body is in optimal shape, but rested for the three days of riding. Feel free to adjust these plans to your style as these are just general guidelines to help you train. It works best when you pick the same day each week for your long ride; the other miles throughout the week should be split up so that you are getting on your bike as much as possible. Also be sure to give yourself at least one day off a week for recovery.

Tour DaVita training plans:

Novice Training Plan
Week Length of Long Ride Total Miles/Week
1 10 40
2 15 50
3 20 58
4 25 66
5 30 75
6 35 84
7 40 95
8 45 107
9 35 60
10 Tour DaVita Yeah!
Intermediate Training Plan
Week Length of Long Ride Total Miles/Week
1 25 55
2 30 65
3 35 73
4 40 81
5 45 90
6 50 99
7 57 110
8 65 122
9 50 75
10 Tour DaVita Yeah!
Advanced Training Plan
Week Length of Long Ride Total Miles/Week
1 30 70
2 35 90
3 40 88
4 45 96
5 50 105
6 55 114
7 62 125
8 70 137
9 55 90
10 Tour DaVita Yeah!

We look forward to seeing and riding with you in September. Remember to train hard, stay safe and have some fun!

Ride on!


PS – Visit the Tour DaVita Facebook page to watch a fun video our Backroads Team put together to show you our excitement as we prep for September. Enjoy!

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Jason works for Backroads and is the Ride Director for Tour DaVita. You will find Jason at the Tour in South Carolina and starring in several videos leading up to the Ride.

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