What Does Tour Mean to Me?

What does Tour Davita mean to me? Why do I ride? This is what we ask ourselves when the tour comes around. I try to be honest with myself!

Is it the excitement?
Is it the food? Haha!

For me I know that I love to ride my bike and I love new experiences and travel, but most of all I love Davita and everything we stand for.

I have been with the Village for 15 years and have had the chance to be a part of several departments and see the great things that we are a part of.

The Tour is an amazing experience that I wish every teammate could be a part of just once.
The teamwork, the generosity, motivation, kindness, encouragement, the fun (oh my the FUN)…..

Don’t get me wrong, the anxiety of waiting for the route to come available is always suspenseful and scary as we wait to see The Hammer’s reviews of how minimal the hills will be on this year’s ride. We all know that the hills will be difficult no matter what anyone says. By the end of the tour we are sore and tired, but the soreness only lasts for a couple days and our memories will last a lifetime.

The stories that we hear at dinner of the kindness and encouragement always bring a tear to my eye, and the joy from the Backroads Team performing their amazing We Are Here Cheer is the highlight of the night…

Most of all I would have to say if someone asks me,
I ride for all our patients, including those who can’t ride but would love to.

I had the honor to ride with a dialysis patient from my clinic and I was so very proud of him and I was so happy that I was there to encourage him and see how proud he was of his accomplishment.

This year the ride is a more personal as my Mom started dialysis so she will definitely be on my mind out on the road.

Thank you so much Davita for allowing us to be a part of an amazing experience like Tour Davita. I couldn’t imagine not being a part of this amazing ride.

Ride on!!!!!


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