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Hello! I am so thankful that you have taken time out of the craziness that surrounds us all to check out my fundraising page. I am glad you are here, and I am excited to share with you what I am up to!

Several years ago , 5 to be exact, I signed up to do Tour DaVita. At that time, I had been working in dialysis for less than a year, my anxiety was fairly well managed, and I was thinner and happy with the way I looked and felt. In fact, I consider those to be my golden days. Fast forward to now, I am currently in a weight loss program and highly focused on my health, but still far from where I want to be. My mental health is also a focus point for me, and every day I am progressing to be more like the person I want to be. I am now approaching my 6th year with DaVita, and my career has given me more than I ever imagined I would get out of a career. I am absolutely in love with my career, and I have such a passion for my teammates and patients.

The first year I did tour DaVita was full of early mornings, and my Saturdays and Sundays spent with trying to find the biggest hills Florida has to offer! HA! That was a joke! Even after training for 90 miles a day in central Florida, a 60 mile ride in the hills of North Carolina kicked my butt! Of all the runs I have done, and all the times I have told myself "I can’t", or "I am not strong enough to do this", Tour DaVita pushed me the hardest, and really made me try myself. It was a struggle, there was rain ( a lot of it), and tears ( a lot of them), but I ended up riding every little mile that Tour DaVita offered that year, and I even checked a century ride off my bucket list. 

This year, the tour will mean something different to me. It will be a challenge to help me focus on my health and getting back to the person I want to be. I also hope to recruit my husband in this journey, and make him train with me. Hey- he married into this hot mess, don't feel bad for him. 

My goal is only set at 60 miles, and I can adjust that as I go. I want to be realistic, as I am far from being able to ride 250 miles like I had before but it is a start. I will be moving soon, so another challenge will be finding a place to ride where I have distance. Maybe I can go back to my old hill-less rides in central Florida! 

I know that we are all facing different struggles. There is a lot going on in the world, and we are all affected differently. If you have the capacity, please consider donating, if not, please consider sharing. Maybe I have sounded selfish, because the meaning and the spirit of the ride is so much greater than my personal journey. 

The Bridge of Life is a nonprofit organization founded by DaVita. This is an organization that has a global benefit, and normally goes to help those in need receive preventative kidney care, education, and clinical dialysis support. Dialysis patients have severely been affected by COVID-19, and a lot about how we care for our patients has changed as a result of COVID-19. While we are fortunate in the U.S.A. to have the ability to adjust and continue to provide great care to our patients, this remains a global concern. ALL donations to Tour Davita, whether it be on this page or another go to help provide PPE, provide training to dialysis clinicians on COVID-19 prevention, and provide community resources and education in countries such as Haiti, Nicaragua, and Guatemala through the Bridge of Life.

 We don’t often think about kidney care and preventative measures. For most of us in the United States, the education and knowledge are somewhat easily accessible through our smart phones we tend to be glued to, and we have somewhat easily access to doctors and hospitals. These are some of the concerns that Bridge of Life helps to overcome in nations without such resources. 

I am so thankful you have taken the time out of your day to read about my journey and the help I hope to help provide through the Bridge of Life. I am thankful for any kind of support you are able to provide, lord knows I will need a lot of moral support. 

I hope to update this as my journey progresses, so please keep checking back. 

Step 1. Get my bike out of the shed- Stick around for the update! 


My Virtual Tour




Tour DaVita 2020 will be moving in a whole new way!

This year, Tour DaVita includes many types of activities. The only requirement is that we "move it!". My virtual challenge is: Biking - 60 miles.

Come back here the weekend of the Tour to see my progress and cheer me on! Better yet, register yourself and join us in supporting Bridge of Life.

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About Virtual Tour DaVita

Everyone is welcome to join the virtual Tour DaVita 2020. Due to COVID-19, this year’s event will look much different than those in the past. Individuals will pick an outdoor activity and create their own Moving Village with family, friends or their social distancing community.

About Bridge Of Life

Bridge of Life (BOL), an independent 501(c)(3) public charity founded by DaVita Inc., is an international nonprofit organization working to strengthen health care globally through sustainable programs that prevent and treat chronic disease and currently to combat COVID-19 with its partners in vulnerable communities around the world. COVID-19 does not respect borders and will have a devastating impact on people in countries that have weak health systems and are less prepared to combat the disease. BOL is working to ensure it is supporting its partners at this crucial point in the fight against COVID-19.

BOL is a 501(c)(3) public charity (Federal EIN is 46-2960097). The full amount of your contribution is tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.