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Pegasus Warriors

Last year the "Pegasus Warriors" came on strong with a 5th place finish raising almost $9,000 for Bridge of Life with only 20 participants. 

This year we have even bigger goals, to raise $15,000 and have 50 people participate on our team. We hope you will join us!

Tour DaVita is an extension of our day-to-day calling to "give life" to others. Your donation to Tour DaVita will help benefit Bridge of Life.  BOL is an international nonprofit organization working to strengthen health care globally through sustainable programs that prevent and treat chronic disease and combat COVID-19.

BOL's 2021 goals are to:

  • Provide lifesaving dialysis treatments by establishing and supporting our partner clinics

  • Pilot BOL's first kidney transplant program in Jamaica

  • Slow the progression of CKD that leads to ESRD by empowering health workers to support, treat and educate high-risk patients

  • Lower the incidence of kidney disease by early detection through screenings

  • Increase the capacity of clinicians through comprehensive virtual training

  • Prevent the spread of COVID-19 through PPE distribution and health training 

By supporting the Pegasus Warriors, your tax-deductible donations will help the underserved across the globe provide health care services.  

Every dollar earned can make a huge difference: Your support — whether moral, financial, or both — means more than you know.

If we can all do a little, together we can significantly impact our world.

Team Members

20 Members

Our Virtual Tour Challenge


October 01 - 03


Team Member Goals

Name Activity Distance Goal
Marcy Bushman Walking, Running, Hiking 15 miles
Shannon Gast Walking, Hiking 10 miles
Lea Varisco Walking 30 miles
Jessica Gordon Goal TBD
Dave Gislason Goal TBD
Gaylon Willis Goal TBD
Karyn Gonzales Running, Biking 63 miles
Jeremy Jensen Running 30 miles
Jeff Dowdle Goal TBD
Chris Jensen Hiking 100 miles
Colin Thimons Biking 100 miles
Trevor Galuardi Goal TBD
Rekha Philip Goal TBD
Vishal Shah Goal TBD
Ian Laird Walking, Running, Biking, Hiking 15 miles
Wendy Will Goal TBD
Monique Neely Biking 100 miles
Brian Lamendola Goal TBD
Cay Carner HIT 5 miles
Carmen Hart Jensen Running 8 miles

Team Donors

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$ 4,380.00


$ 4,380.00


About Tour DaVita

Everyone is welcome to join the virtual Tour DaVita 2021. Due to COVID-19, this year’s event will look much different than those in the past. Individuals will pick an outdoor activity and create their own Moving Village with family, friends or their social distancing community.

About Bridge Of Life

Bridge of Life (BOL), an independent 501(c)(3) public charity founded by DaVita Inc., is an international nonprofit organization working to strengthen health care globally through sustainable programs that prevent and treat chronic disease Their vision is a world where all human beings have access to quality healthcare. They strive to empower local staff, community health workers and patients through training and education to make sustainable changes to healthcare.

BOL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by DaVita Inc. (Tax ID Number: 46-2960097). The full amount of your contribution is tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.