Rolling hills and fertile valleys dot the land of Middle Tennessee. It’s home to Music City and it’s rich in heritage, culture, and history. We will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Tour with two charming overnight locations, beautiful biking routes, and great company. This year’s Tour is sure to provide us the Ride of a Lifetime!

Sunday, September 25th:

Sunday's ride will takes through the rolling hills and fertile stream valleys of Southern Middle Tennessee as we cover 62 miles on a loop ride from our first campground, Rock Creek Park, to the south (View on MapMyRide).

Stop 1 - First National Bank
Stop 2 - Howell Community Center
Stop 3 - Lunch - Unity School
Stop 4 - Whittlers Park
Stop 5 - Full Ride Camp

Monday, September 26th:

Monday’s ride zig-zags its way north as it takes us through the heart of Middle Tennessee, offering lightly traveled roads and stunning scenery. We have two options today as we travel from Lewisburg to Franklin: a 68 mile (metric century) option (View on MapMyRide) and a 100 mile (century) option (View on MapMyRide).

Stop 1 - Reformed Baptist Fellowship
Stop 2 - Caney Spring Baptist Church
Stop 3 - Lunch - Rover Baptist Church
Stop 4 - Flatcreek Community Center
Stop 5 - Century - Kingdom Cumberland Presbyterian
Stop 6 - Century - Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist
Stop 7 - Full Rider Basic
Stop 8 - Full Rider Century

Tuesday, September 27th:

Tuesday’s ride is a lollipop ride from Franklin to the west, taking us through Leipers Fork, a historic district listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Our route will take us along the old Natchez Trace, an important trading route for Native Americans and early European-American settlers. We will finish the Tour with a beautiful 67 mile ride (View on MapMyRide).

Rock Creek Park:  Located in the center of Lewisburg, a beautiful small town nestled n the hills of Southern Middle Tennessee, the park provides a fun and charming setting to kick off this year’s Tour.

Willowbrook Farm:  Nature and Serenity abound in this 40-acre, pastoral setting. The former home of the late Carl Smith, the property is complete with creek side areas, ponds, bonfire pit, indoor and outdoor areas, beautiful trees, fields of flowers and more. It will offer a delightful final two nights of the Tour.

Stop 1 - Thompson Station Park
Stop 2 - Boston Church of Christ
Stop 3 - Lieper's Fork Community Center
Stop 4 - Thompson Station Park
Stop 5 - Full Ride Camp