First Time Rider Information

First Time Rider Information

See below for various information and guides for first time riders.

Tips & Training Guides

A General Overview on Conditioning

Training Tips & Creating a Training Plan

What to Wear on a Bike Ride

First Time Rider Orientation

These topics will be covered in detail on arrival day during our First Time Rider Orientation classes.


Rules of the Road

Obey all traffic signs and signals

Maintain control of your bicycle

Stay to the right side of the road

How to make appropriate left turn across traffic

Move completely off the road when stopped

Best approaches to biking with large groups

Maintain a good distance between you and other bikers

Ride single file

Never stop suddenly

Communicate with fellow riders

Ride in a straight line

Always pass on the left

Good habits


Dressing Appropriately

Snacking and staying hydrated

Stretching before and after ride

Hazards that may be encountered


Crossing train tracks


Wet roads

Bike Demonstration (the following topics will be covered with a demonstration)

Overview of your Backroads bike

How to properly shift

Best methods to avoid injury and fatigue